Monday, June 7, 2010

The Operation

So my operation has been done and I feel that the recovery has been very quick. I don’t have any issues with my arm or shoulder and so I am able to get around as normal.

The device has been turned ON as I can feel the changes. I am a lot calmer and the small twitches have pretty much stopped. I still have my big ones and I can’t tell when they are coming. I am able to feed myself so comfortably. Its almost like an out of body experience.

Yesterday I think I had a bit of a meltdown about it as I am scared to try new things and/but I don’t want to waste the potential of this gift of new life. I emailed my doctor about it and he told me my feelings are all normal and will settle down.

My dad then offered to work with me on using a glass to drink and I am realy happy that I can do that with him.

So I have finished climbing another mountain (the operation) for now and I am heading down the other side (recovery), which may have its own little mountains.

- Martha

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  1. Martha, I am really excited for you as you continue this journey and the possibilities and new experiences that will come along, you are a beautiful , beautiful lady!!love Cathy