Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Back Step

Well I thought I was doing really well. My movements had improved and I was feeling more comfortable. I thought my device was on and that it was working overtime. However, over the last couple of days things have been digressing back to normal which I tried to ignore at first and then pretend it wasn’t happening.

The doctor had warned me that I may have experienced a lesion in my brain which would bring on the positive changes and that it would last a couple of days and I would revert back to ‘my normal’. He said that this would be okay as once the device was on and set properly I would get the same effect as the lesion. I was so very much hoping the doctor was wrong about the lesion, but no, he was right. The other question is whether the device is on or off? I still think its on.

So now I have to be patient and wait for the device to kick in and do its job – if it is on. At least this time I will not be so shocked when it happens and I won’t freak out.

- Martha

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