Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It Takes Time

Today I got the (5) stitches out of my chest. I was a quivering mess. My doctor got me to eat lollies while she did it to try and distract me but it didn’t work. I’m really glad it was ONLY 5 stitches. My chest is now free of dressings and will take some time to heal from the sticky stuff that has grazed my skin.

After getting the stitches out, I couldn’t wait to come home have lunch and go for my afternoon nap. I felt exhausted. How can someone get so worked up from having stitches taken out – I can. I think it was worse than having 40 staples taken out of my head. My head is healing up really well and no longer needs dressing either. I think that by Friday week (25/6) I will be all healed up and ready to try some new things.

- Martha

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