Sunday, June 27, 2010


The rest of the week has been good. I did have headaches all week, however, I knew it had more to do with being a woman than to do with my head operation.

I have been progressing along smoothly. I am more relaxed and friends are noticing and commenting that I don’t move so much anymore.

I am discovering what it means to have DBS, how the improvements work and how I am to adapt to all this.

I have discovered that I cannot do anything in my power to ‘help’ my brain get better. There are no exercises you can do or anything like that. The device is just doing its job slowly and then you can only work within the limits of that change.

I am finding it very fascinating to watch and be part of. I am also surprised at my patience with it all. I have just decided to get on with life and celebrate the achievements as they come.

All in all I have found that the BIG brain operation was easier to have and recover from than an infertility cycle. Less pain, less stress, less disappointment. I find this so surprising as while you are dong infertility treatment they want you to get on with life as if what you are doing is ‘no big deal’. Sad really…

- Martha

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