Friday, May 28, 2010


The last 2 days have been completely hectic for me. I think I actually saw it coming.

Yesterday it was communicated to me that a programme on Channel Seven, ‘Sunday Night’ wants to run a story on me to do with the DBS trial I am part of.

I have had to send lots of information to the Producer as well as some photos which I had to go to my parents to get.

Today I had a massive appointment at the hospital where I was videotaped doing things I can’t do. On top of that, the television crew were there filming it. I then had to do an MEP which sends pulses from your brain to your body – OUCH!!

I have lots of socialising this weekend! I have another hospital visit on Monday then I am meeting with the television crew again on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. I am off to hospital on Thursday and my operation is on Friday.

I am excited that the television crew have picked up the story. It is an important one to tell and I hope that I can get my message across – that this operation is not financially feasible for those on a Disability Support Pension and that it needs to be available in the public hospital. The monthly Health Fund payments that need to be paid for a year are too great for those on a pension and the extra costs are hard to fund as well. I am hoping to convey the necessity for this to be publicly funded.

- Martha

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