Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Laying on a Li-Lo

Do you ever feel like just escaping from life and just lying on a Li-lo in a pool drifting around relaxed, with the sun shining and a soft breeze to keep you cool?

I have had this vision for about 6 months now. I so want to do it. The vision started in summer and although I was not terribly busy I never got around to doing it.

Today the vision resurfaced. It is a cold, miserable, rainy day and the last thing you would want to do is lay on a Li-lo in the pool.

I think there may be another reason why the vision keeps appearing. I think it may be about wanting to escape the pressures and hecticness of life.

I also wonder if I had everything lined up to lay on the Li-lo, whether I would in fact do it and for how long? How long would it take to settle down and shed the busyness? Would I persevere until I got there or would I give up, or would I get more wound up trying to relax? Maybe I’m scared to try because of failure?

I keep telling myself that when I’m finished this or that task that I will put a relaxation time into my day, but instead I find another task to do. I’m scared that I don’t know how to relax and switch my mind off.

If only I could see the reward in relaxing?

- Martha

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