Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Away

This weekend Andrew & I attended John’s, Andrew’s brother’s wedding. It was my first time away since my operation. The weekend went very well and a lot of people noticed a change in me which is positive.

We had a family dinner on the Friday night which I was comfortable at. The wedding was on Saturday. I actually sat still in the church and didn’t have any panic moments that I might move too much – it was great! The reception was easy also. I had to leave at 10pm though as I was feeling a lot of fatigue and I started to feel anxious. On Sunday we had breakfast with Uncle Pete, Aunty Viv, James, Jess & Sime. It was fun.

We then came home, had a nap and then went and picked up Pupa and Bronte who had had a big weekend also.

It was great to feel the changes while we were away. The fatigue however, was frustrating. I wonder when that will go away?

- Martha

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