Saturday, July 3, 2010

Equity and Fairness

This afternoon I spent the time with the ‘Sunday Night’ crew filming one month after the operation.

I spent some time being interviewed by Dr John and it was amazing to talk about the improvements. How being a lot stiller and quieter has brought about freedom. We also taped me making a sandwich for Sophie (the producer) which Dr John ate half of.

In the interview we spoke about “Equity and Fairness” which is the whole reason why I have agreed to be part of this documentary. I want Deep Brain Stimulation to be available in the public hospital so that all people with Dystonic Cerebral Palsy can access this operation if they choose to do so. It was really nice to know that Dr John is behind this cause and that it will be spoken about so that people will hear about it and change may occur. It is about making the access of this operation equal to everyone so all have a fair go at accessing it.

Australia used to be proud of having everyone equal and that all were equal to receiving treatment that is out there – this has to include medical treatment. I want people to remember that

- Martha

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