Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pain Management

On Friday I went to my GP to get a script renewed. While there she caught me unaware by knowing about the pain I was experiencing. She found out about it through a letter she received from my surgeon. My GP would not let the matter drop. She put me on pain medication. I have been a bit hesitant to take anything as I believe that sometimes you can work through pain or learn to live with it. I have started taking it and it has made a world of difference. I am my old self again and I can do anything I want physically without this pain in my neck slowing me down or stopping me.

Another source of pain was being around 4 new babies for the afternoon. My heart was very sore by the end of the time. I felt very inadequate that I couldn’t be part of this ‘baby club’. I am aware that this pain resurfaces every now and then and I know it is a normal feeling. I have now learnt to be kind to myself and focus on the things that make me happy that I do have and this helps me get over my baby blues quicker. A good sleep helps too!

I find out if my device is ‘on’ or ‘off’ on 2nd September after a gruelling 3 lots of appointments that are scheduled all on the same day.

- Martha

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