Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another 3 months are over

I have finished another 3 months of my trial. This three months went very quickly as I had a few other things that kept me busy and that I looked forward to. I was also free of pain and so I wasn’t restricted by it.

Last week I noticed that the place where my device has been implanted doesn’t hurt anymore. It has obviously healed on the inside as well as the outside.

Last Thursday I went and did the 2 ½ hour psychology test which leaves you feeling quite spent in the head. I also said bye to Wanping who I will probably not see again as I don’t think I have anymore psychology tests to do. The following day I backed it up with the video taping and OT & PT consult. I felt very worn out and sore on Friday afternoon.

This Thursday I am seeing Dr Mahant who will turn my device ‘on?’ again I think. I am rather nervous because of the side effect it caused last time but I am hopeful it will be okay.

Then I hope to start rehab soon and see some progress.

- Martha

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