Monday, September 20, 2010

To Cocktail Party, or not to Cocktail Party?

As the NMRF Cocktail Party draws near I’ve been wondering if I should attend if I were invited. Because I am still blind to the trial it is not an ideal time to present myself to these people as a ‘success’. And if I don’t go are they going to think that we have failed?

So, I have been invited and the doctor has asked that we not attend this year as the data is still being collected – phew!

He has asked that we be invited next year where the data will have settled and it’ll have been over a year since my operation and my device will have settled.

Things have really settled down in regards to my device. I am no longer so stressed about things as my body is behaving okay now and I am happy to wait until the end of November to know whether I am on or off. What will be, will be!

- Martha

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